My yoga journey began on a bitter cold, grey winter afternoon 25 years ago. Three months earlier, I’d moved over 2,500 miles away from my Palm Springs home to begin my first “real” job in Binghamton, New York. I was waiting out a snowstorm in the “fitness” section at Barnes and Noble, browsing the shelves and hoping something on indoor work outs would pique my interest. I found a copy of B.K.S. Iyengar’s Light on Yoga, and couldn’t put it down. I used Iyengar’s instructions to learn Tādāsana (Mountain) and Uttihita Trikonāsana (Extended Triangle) that evening, and have practiced yoga nearly every day since. My practice has helped me to weather job changes and moves, break-ups and anniversaries, births—of my four children, in particular—and deaths with an open heart and a commitment to serenity.

I have been sharing my yoga practice since 2001—teaching in local studios and incorporating asana into my contemplative courses UC Riverside. I continue to study Iyengar yoga and my classes reflect the emphasis on alignment associated with that tradition, especially with beginner students. My classes are challenging, but also a lot of fun.

Come out and play!


Regularly Scheduled Classes
Beginner’s Yoga: Tuesday 5:15-6:15 PM, Reveille
Community Class (No Charge, Just Donations): First Saturday of Each Month Mt. Rubidoux
Level 1-2: Friday 9-10 AM, Reveille

Upcoming Workshops
Principles of Alignment: Twists and Transitions
March 2 at 1-3 PM, Reveille

Alignment is a key element of yoga and movement, generally. This workshop emphasizes principles of alignment in yoga with an emphasis on twists and transitions between poses. Twists improve mobility by rotating the spine, strengthening the back, and reducing slumping by creating space between the vertebrae. Transitions are the intermediary movements that facilitate alignment by ensuring that entry into and exit from yoga poses in a vinyasa sequence are safe and efficient. Participants will (1) review principles of alignment, (2) practice seated, standing, and reclining twists, and (3) deepen their understanding of key transitions, including “warrior” (Virabhadasana I,II, and III), “intense side angle” (Parsvakonasana) to “half moon” (Ardha Chandrasana), and “squat” (Malasana) to “crow” (Kakasana).

Living the Yoga Sutras (TBA)

Private Sessions by Appointment: email Juliann Allison

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